Staging Your Home

  1. Depersonalize. A potential homebuyer needs to picture herself in your rooms, and quirky decorating or pictures of the kids hurts the illusion. Remove all family photos, trophies, degrees etc.Markham living room
  2.  Declutter. Your moving anyways. Get rid off all that stuff you have been intending to get around to it. People have a hard time visualizing their selves living in a space that is cluttered with someone else’s stuff. This applies to basements, attics & garages as well.
  3.  Neutralize your walls. Do the colour of your walls date your house? Does your house look like a checkerboard with each room a different colour? Paint your walls a calm serene contemporary colour throughout.
  4.  Make sure everything in the house is in top condition. No torn screens, cracked plaster or burnt out pot lights. Are your carpets clean and free of stains? You may have gotten used to seeing them, so tour your house with a critical eye (or ask us to), and repair anything that needs it.
  5.  Light Fixtures. Are your light fixtures contemporary and keeping with the times or are they dated? What about your dining room chandelier? A great return on your investment is light fixtures. It is a low-cost, high-return investment. People think you have to spend a fortune on lighting, but you can go to any big box store and get beautiful lights very reasonably.
  6.  Be aware of scale in the house when it comes to furnishings. You might have a giant sofa that you love, but if it makes the room look small, it has to go. Too much furniture it a room, or furniture too big for the room, makes the room appear too small and crowded.
  7. A clean kitchen. Kitchens should be clear and clutter-free. No fridge magnets or kids pictures on the fridge. The counter should have a coffee maker and toaster out at most. Get rid of any additional moveable cupboards that you have added into the kitchen. It just shouts that there is not enough cupboard space.
    Replace dated or worn kitchen cabinet hardware with high-design new ones. Consider brushed steel, which look great with stainless steel appliances, or another trendy look today is oil rubbed bronze.
  8.  A spotless house. Hire a professional cleaning company to get at all the little nooks and crannies, to have your house spotless. It will be worth the money and save you the time and aggravation.
  9.  A great smell makes a house memorable. Baking cookies has become a cliche, but you should have every room in your home is smelling fresh. The smell of smoke or pet odors is a turn off for most potential buyers. You may have got used to your little friends smell, but people coming into your home have not. Buy room deodorizers to put in each room in the house. Make sure they are all the same smell to keep the smell consistent. Do not use the “linen” scent. It will make your house smell like a laundry room. Use a nice floral or citrus scent.
  10.  Put pet toys, supplies and dishes in a place from the main areas. They should not the first thing potential buyers see or smell when they walk into a room.

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