How’s Your Curb Appeal ?

By Debi Carser, Designer

1. Potential home owners do what they call a “drive by.”  It’s exactly as it sounds.  They drive by the house to see if they like the external look of the house.  If they like it, they will make an appointment to see it.  If they don’t, they keep on driving.  It’s that simple.  The house may be stunning inside, but some people don’t want just a stunning house inside, most people want the outside to match the inside.  Take a look at the front of your house objectively.

2. The exterior of your home should look as polished as the interior. Walk across the street to get a real good Devonsleigh, frontlook at it.  What does it look like?  Are the bushes and tress overgrown?  Do the bushes block the windows and thus the natural skylight coming into the house?  Is the paint fresh and contemporary looking?  Bushes need to be neatly trimmed.  Flowerbeds  need to be weeded and looking fresh.  Does the doorbell work? What about the backyard?  Are kids toys discretely put away?  Is the play structure, if any, in good working condition and looking tidy? Are the garbage and recycling bins piled nicely and discreetly hidden away?  Is the deck fresh looking or in need of a stain?  Paying attention to the details to the outside of your home will increase the value of your home.

3. Clean or paint the front door.  Clean or replace the mailbox if its rusty.

4. Hose off the exterior of your home.  Especially around entrances. Use siding cleanser.

5. Wash the windows. Clean windows show off your house.

6. Hide your garbage cans & recycling bins.  But wash them out first before you  put them away.  It should not be in a place where it’s the first thing potential buyers see when they drive up.

7. Stack the woodpile neatly.

8. Your garden should be neat & tidy.  Mow the lawn. Trim the trees and shrubs. Weed the gardens. Add colorful plants or foliage to fill in bare spots.  Edge the gardens and walkways.  If you’re not a gardener, ask a friend to help.

9. Sweep the walkways and driveway.

10. Replace doormats that are worn and torn.

11. Shine brass hardware on the doors.

12. Shine or paint light fixtures. Replace any light fixtures that are rusty and beyond repair. Light fixtures are an inexpensive way to add value to your home.

13. Polish stained wood doors and trim.


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